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A sweet, inspiring, do it yourself project, to do when time permits! Set aside old cards, and other good quality paper scraps, to prepare for this one.

Or place an order from PulpArt…

Pretty Paper planting tags

if you just can’t wait! They are so sweet!


There are a generous set of detailed, diy directions with images from PulpArt via the HillCityBride-

“To make your paper, gather everything you will need: a blender, a packet of seeds, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, paper scraps and a mold. A mold is a piece of professional papermaking equipment: a screen is pulled very taught across a wooden frame. You can make your own with an old picture frame without the glass and some screen from the hardware store (you can find directions on the internet) or you can buy them through papermaking suppliers. A mold must have a very tight screen so that there are no sags where water might puddle and create uneven thickness in your handmade paper.” continue to link for great images, and directions:

via Hill City Bride | Lynchburg Wedding Bridal Blog » Blog Archive » DIY from Pulp Art – Plantable Paper.

P.S.- PulpArt also makes adorable “seed bombs.” Definitely on my requirement for playing in the outdoors, beauty list: