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I found TNGun’s video, website, and his prepper list, when I was looking through videos to know more about my fresh Florida beeswax. It is going into preparations for my handmade skin-balms, and moisture bars.

The Eva Gabor, Hungarian in me, making hotzcakes, appreciating cared-for, feminine beauty, no matter the circumstance, and finding creative solutions no matter the situation.

My beautiful Florida beeswax is already clean, it smells luscious, and is gorgeous to work with. When mixed into my newest recipe it moisturizes my skin amazingly better than any store product.

There good variety of tips I have found to filter my honey, purify my wax, just in case I am in a situation to start from fresh honeycomb. Quite a bit of care and time goes into preparing handmade honey, and beeswax products.

Another quick, rustic beeswax melting tutorial: http://youtu.be/EdPVa0i6kMg

(P.s, not being perfectly vegan right now, since dear little honey bees have given fruits of their labor. Perhaps, simply, a bee-gan for a season here.)

TNGUN’s Top 50 Prepper Website list:

This fellow is from Tennessee, USA. And he offers a nice, clean, informative website.

Top 50 Prepper Websites |.

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Not a prepper at this time. Yet,  I appreciate the often natural ways, tips, and outdoor life skills of those who are. It is especially nice that people can do this in peacetime. It becomes an art. As an artist, a keen observer, I have experienced this attuning to seasons, and participating in practicalities. It often allows for a slower, gentle-personly way of life. It can be lived well, part-time, seasonally, moving between country home and city home. It’s a fine way to balance one’s life between the stimulation of city sophistication and country fresh-air! Country can be horse and ponies, mountains and skiing, sailing and shore-life, or simply quietude. This also supports the country communities who prefer their locales for a full-time life. There are those who prefer all city, or all country. In family, extended family and multi-generational lifestyles, where people have found ways to get on together over time, the benefits of this are wonderful. The trying times of REAL families are not so bad as TV portrays since the 1960’s. Good to bring back the country/city lifestyles to USA for ones own family. My goodness, so much land and property are here. Family, extended family members each find their niche. I have experienced multi-generational lifestyles in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the European countries of Greece, Italy and others. Over time there will always be someone we care for, to hold the fort, or castle or cottage. And the elders in turn will have their own nearby, which allows for finer, more personal care, for youngsters and elders, as time goes on. It gives the children a sense of belonging, even as they venture out, and return.