The modern history of our world, as told in USA culture, has never added up. The inconsistencies, and huge gaps, that pop up, lead one to run into walls. Unless ancient world history is one’s lifework or full-time hobby, the only way to know more is to have a long, healthy life, setting time aside to check in on the topic. And, to choose particular company who one trusts, to tell archeological truths from first-hand research. Time spent in company of other real history buffs, or the outside mainstream archeologists, can lead to many new avenues.

It’s usually time and energy-saving to not discuss these questions with friends and family in the general population.  

As Henry Ford, the automotive genius of the last century so aptly put it, “History is more or less bunk.”

For me there is Beauty to be found in the unusual, or less than common stories told in the histories of mankind.

This fellow, Steve Quayle, states his case about giants, on his website and in his book. According to him, giants lived, and walked on this planet called earth. This is not so far-fetched, for me. I recently discussed human bones, with my chiropractor, a history buff. We have remains of huge dinosaurs on display, why not very much interest in giant human remains? 

via Steve Quayle – Genesis 6 GIANTS.

Giants Lived