always love more pretty beach blankets in Coastal Florida

My Material Life

I finished this blanket just in time for the beach yesterday.  It’s made from two Ikea towels that I picked up last summer.  I think the towels cost about $7 each and that is really something because their quality is outstanding.  Actually, a little too good for a pool or beach towel – too large and heavy.  So I decided to go with that theme and make them even larger and heavier by combining the two towels into one beach blanket.

I cut each towel in half to create four same-size squares.  Then I cut off one finished edge (the edge I needed to seam) from each square.  Next I laid out the squares as I wanted to piece them together and found that I did not have four same-size squares at all.  Eventually, I got the sizes I needed and when I laid them out to make sure all…

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