Are there free, ongoing, warm, or hot yoga lessons for someone in Miami, Florida? Didn’t find any yet. Did find some happy-looking, $10 donation yoga classes on Santa Monica Beach in California. You can do your own practice free of course. Just make a little note of the poses, put it into a plastic sheet and practice to your heart and soul’s content…


This past weekend two friends and I decided to check out beach yoga in Santa Monica. We decided to take a Saturday morning class through Beach Yoga with Brad. There’s no pre-registering necessary, so we carpooled down to Santa Monica together and went to Marine Street and followed it out to the ocean edge were Brad was preparing for the day.


When we arrived there were only a handful of people which eventually filled out into a large (but un-intimidatingly large) group. Brad is very nice and offered up sunscreen to people who forgot theirs. He’s a music conductor too, so he has a booming voice and excellent rhythm.


Since his “yoga studio” is relatively endless on the beach, he can support a lot of people and we could also really spread out. The class we attended is from 10:30-Noon on Saturday and is a $10 donation. Being extra…

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