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John Mayer and the Prancercise lady?

I sat puzzled, trying trying to understand this new little internet video. Joanna Rohrback, of Prancercise LLC, gives an introduction, and then Prancercises to a new song of John Mayer’s? Surprise. Is this for real? Did she put this together on her own? Florida is not known for it’s sidewalks. The lady is prancing in the street. As the song played, I stopped the video. Oddness. As if it were my Mom, Auntie Pat, or Auntie Claire enjoying the music of the times. The sweetness of it. His song and her earnestness, almost innocence, the youthful girl still there. (though she is mature, and will be ok, for she seems to have her attorneys in a row by now.)

How unusual, to see this. Communication of the times. Here, bridging generations out loud and for others to see. People accustomed to artfully lit sets and certain, formulaic images of women in music videos are being taken aback by this little video already.

John Mayer Pairs ‘Paper Doll’ With Prancercise Clip – Video | Rolling Stone.

I had to listen again and see it fully. Maybe there is humor, or fun-making in this juxtaposed video presentation. Maybe not.

No matter, the lady is actually “dancing like no one is watching,” standing out in the crowd. And holding her own.

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2013. the paintings of our time. I came to view it again.