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Longevity Now Webcast-free days to view

Webcasts | The Longevity Now Conference

I was happily surprised when I noticed that The Longevity Now Conference recordings, from May 2013, were being offered as a FREE streaming webcast. To view it, I immediately planned my own little home retreat, and set aside the whole first weekend it was offered. I was looking forward to being in my element, even if it was virtual. 

The conference videos are still being offered with free access for a few more days, if you’d like to catch it! Here is the link: http://streaming.thelongevitynowconference.com/ Not sure how long the free webcast offer will stand. If you miss it, looks like the whole recorded conference can be downloaded for $97 with great bonus materials.

I reviewed The Longevity Now Conference-2013 over the days and evenings of last weekend, on into this Monday! It was pleasant to watch and listen to the videos, replay portions, stop, take note, and cross-reference, at my own pace, while seated in my own little patio-office. Palm trees and fresh air all around, and I took as many leg-stretcing breaks as I wanted, without disturbing anyone.

I have been meaning to get out to these California conferences since they first began. People who know me, will know that I was not looking forward to a hotel conference room, 3 days of amplified sound, recycled air-conditioning and being seated in chair. If I were to go, it was simply to enjoy the ideas shared, review products, and be among peers, and forward-thinking individuals who have a deep valuation for true inner health, and life itself. I like that about California. It draws and holds somethings holy in my experience. The very coastal towns are imbued with a sense of life for me.

After viewing, I can say that these video recordings of The Longevity Now Conference are very worth the investment of one’s time. It takes patience. It will be a review of information for some. It offers more than one approach or solution to nutrition questions. And each speaker offers doable actions to live one’s life more healthfully.

(The care for and refinement of life!  It includes: #David Wolfe’s free-form and rich experiential info. #Dr.Hal Huggins’ bold, experienced views on dentistry in these times. #Dr. Dave Woynarowski’s heartfelt expression of care for his own family and extending the research for others. #Tony Horton’s demonstrations of personal abilities, and his results of determined disciplines. #SaraGottfried M.D.’s authenticity, and willingness to point out so much from her experiences. ( I was expecting perhaps more blah, partial, truncated hormone data, and put it off til last; ). #Truth Calkins, with quiet, clear expressions on nutrition. #Dr. Bob Marshall’s speaking of the fields, and new paradigm. #Ron Teeguarden, so on the mark with his reminder about the 3 life treasures! (his place and  tonics rescued me on one trip in #SantaMonica.) The varied viewpoints are appreciated. Not one size fits all. #John Robbins, with his quote about dominion: FOR ME, this applies, so much more to treatment of people! Solid. The creative exercise from #Kyle Cease. And #Nadine Artemis’ poetic cadence as she moves and speaks. Her addressing of my privately held, lifelong intuition, research, and concerns about the importance of fine skin health & skincare. My concerns with details of skin health have been criticized, and insulted, over the years, and here she steps right in and stands her ground.

In Mexico re: abundant flattery, they say: “you are putting too much cream on the taco” Well, since I have not been able to travel to Cali, this conference, and being able to view it all from home, deserves lots of cream on the taco for me.

via The Longevity Now Conference.