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“Separate research has recently shown that chronic constipation (in otherwise healthy adults without irritable bowel syndrome) is associated with marked alterations to the intestinal microflora. Combined with new findings indicating increased gut permeability in those with depression, we must surely reframe the obvious overlap between depression and constipation, and the more specific finding of longer whole gut transit time positively correlated with depression.”

Seems that there are these points made decade after decade, about making a person “cheerful” or at least not “depressed” as a way to heal acne. Well good exercise, outdoors, that a person enjoys, and sweating out toxins during these activities can help heal some acne.

What about the fact that the small intestine has been compromised from birth! Or at very least early on in entering the food-chain as a tiny infant on formula.
Also, no one addresses home environment, chemicals in food and water. Nor addressed are the electro magnetics frequencies which have increasingly surrounded people. And how these affect the fields of the biosis in people.
It’s a lot of variables to consider. But rarely are they considered, UNTIL, a way to profit from any solution to the problems of acne will be demonstrated.

I have had deep insight on this topic of good skin health, and acne, for many years. And, will be following up in coming years, as time permits.
“Acne” does not come to the skin’s surface in every person who has intestinal dis-biosis. I can tell you, most of these old-dog studies are barking up the wrong trees. They can control symptoms in a variety of ways. They can temporarily, to even long-term, “cure” acne with the Rx accutane. Yet, from accutane and other internal anti-biotic therapies, the harm to many an individual’s over-all, and internal health, is quite broad.
But, these studies keep on getting funded, and keep on going over the same worn down paths. They may just come up with new names for the sights along the way and once in awhile they’ll point out a new sight on the side of the same worn out road.
Not one of them names environment. And dozens of other variables. It would be too much work, and it appears that most research is focused on finding a “drug”, a chemical, a microbe, or group of microbes controllable in a lab, to be churned out for masses of people, and doctors who will prescribe it, and that this can all then be profited from.
The whole paradigm of what is mind and brain, will have to shift or be made over, or an individual can do it for themselves.
This means work, stick-to-itiveness, and being in company of sane, sound-minded, creatively living people who will support the healing persons decisions. Or at the very least not detract, from a person’s goals to heal the skin, and internal health fully.

acne and internal health

via Acne vulgaris, probiotics and the gut-brain-skin axis – back to the future?.

Acne vulgaris is a complex disease without a single avenue of pathogenesis, therefore scientists and clinicians must remain open-minded to unexpected therapeutic pathways. To date, Stokes, Pillsbury and other dermatology elders have been validated in many aspects. However, we cannot rely on anecdotes, inferences and uncontrolled observations; we must approach this hypothetical landscape, the gut-brain-skin triangle, with scientific vigor.