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Have my Pink Himalayan Salts in! Soaking, making my salt packs, and sprinkling in a bit to my dinner for taste.

Plans for a special cleanse coming up next.

Until then…

Leave all your worries behind as you step into your very own oasis of calm and tranquility, and experience the extraordinary majesty of the Himalayan Mountains.

As suggested via Himalayan Bath Salts | San Francisco Salt Company.

Usage Suggestions: 

Bath Salt- Dissolve a handful into a warm bath or, for true muscle and skin therapy, try using 1lbs or more and re-create a mineral rich environment.

Pink Himalayan Salts

Please note: Due to the slow dissolve rate and unique composition of minerals Himalayan salts may take a little longer than usual to dissolve in water.

Food Grade?: Yes

 100% Natural & Pure Pink Himalayan Salt

Shelf Life: 10 years