Well, not actually out of thin air, for we don’t know precisely what will grow in each person’s home from this  open air method. In general, it is fairly safe to begin a starter with a single serving bottle of good quality ie: “organic,” active, non-pasturized  Kombucha tea. (If you’d like to scroll ahead, a clear video explaining how to grow a Kombucha baby from scratch is at the end of this post.)

This is for my niece, Ilona. She’s been drinking store bought Kombucha tea, and seems to like it. Not sure why, I’ll have to ask. (I am not so fond of the store bought brands I have tasted.)

She asked me if I knew how to make homemade Kombucha tea, and, yes, I do. I made it years ago, before this most recent wave of it’s popularity. I don’t have my original old recipe with it’s notes at hand, since I do not drink Kombucha in recent years. (I have been making classic Kefir and water Kefir recently.)  I may have to brew some of the fizzy tea again in support of her interest.

(I know some health-minded people recommend zero fermented drinks. They are often very healthy purists and do not live anywhere near the standard, modern lifestyle. So, please inform yourself and read up on what will be best for you and yours)

Now-a-days, there are so many videos, tutorials, and recipes on everything a person could ask for…

So, I went online to find my niece some clear, easy recipes. Posted here are some of the Kombucha recipes and how-to’s: http://www.pinterest.com/WithLoveDD/healthy-beverages/  If you poke around on my boards, you will find more on fermented food and drink.

While researching for any new specifics on the Kombucha fermented drink, I reviewed a bunch of videos and blogs today. I did this as I listened to and took notes from two info-packed online seminars I’d been attending all week: The “GUT REBUILDING SEMINAR” & the “GLUTEN SUMMIT 2013.”  Interesting timing for her to ask about a fermented drink. hmm. Here’s some quick info on those seminars. http://www.pinterest.com/WithLoveDD/gluten-celiac-winning-team-building-for-excellent-/

I did not find anything new in the Kombucha field, though I did find some nice video tutorials and starting points for making it…

Here we go: Getting to the point now:

Making Kombucha Tea: One first needs what is called a “starter.”

In certain communities one can easily receive a Kombucha “baby” or “mother” in it’s necessary healthful liquid from neighbors. Or one can be purchased online.

With a little patience one can GROW their own Kombucha baby starter at home! ( these slippery little life forms are what people call a “SCOBY.”)

All that one needs to grow a Kombucha culture from scratch are 3 things:

#1-a bottle of pre-made, plain kombucha. (2 bottles if you’d like to grow it in a larger container.) Here are a couple brands recommended by experienced makers. http://www.hckombu.com/wp/index.php/where-to-buy/ and http://synergydrinks.com/index.php/locate/

#2-a glass jar- Mason or Ball type- quart size. (from ACE hardware etc.) OR any larger jar you have CLEANED and dried very well.

#3-a clean tea towel, or cloth such as a piece cut from a freshly laundered tee-shirt

And finally, this helpful, pleasant video which explains how to grow your own Kombucha starter baby/scoby:

via How to Grow Your Own Kombucha SCOBY – YouTube.