Let’s get clear on ozone, ions, anions…A clear, plain-spoken definition and description required. I have heard so many cocky, self-assured, know-it-alls, speaking about all of this, and so far, not a one of them is the picture of health.
Most often enjoy healthy feeling at the seaside, oceanside, in the mountains, in forests and woods. Even feel healthier, more energy in certain cities. New York City. But in the flatlands, at sea-level inland, with stretches of blacktop, torn-down trees, row upon row of shopping centers, storage units and over-priced condominiums and apartment complexes. A real person can barely breathe if they are to live in this environment, year after year for decades!
So, this topic of ozone is up in the air for now.

Mountain Watch – High Ozone on Mountain Tops – Appalachian Mountain Club.

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