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No really!! I need to visit this one center, and some others centers of traditional, REAL Ayurveda health and healing! When transmitted with integrity, and kindness, This is good. This is true. This one of the finest  ways.

I have yet to visit or meet the people at the INDUS VALLEY AYURVEDIC CENTER. http://ayurindus.com/  LOCATED HERE: http://ayurindus.com/mysore 

I appreciate what the founder of this center states: May he, his family, and peers be doing well.   “Afraid of making mistakes is the biggest mistake. This the biggest lesson I have learned in life.”

Dr. Talavane Krishna

March 25, 2013

Their website offers much valuable information and this: “Ayurveda is a part of the ancient Vedic heritage of India. Centuries ago, it was at its highest glory and part of the Indian way of life for thousands of years. However, during the the past 8 centuries it suffered a serious blow causing a decline during the Mogul invasion and British colonial rule. The knowledge of Ayurveda had been practically lost and only a handful of people have maintained the original knowledge in its purity…”

via Founder\’s Message » Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center.

via Founder’s Message » Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center.