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Susan Weed Action Hero

Susun Weed reminds us of so much good. At one time, our OWN known people, mothers and women, fathers and men did protect us, guide us through ALL the pleasures and perils of life. They KNEW us personally. They watched and counted our breaths and steps. They were not conscripted or paid. The truth for life’s protection was WRITTEN IN THEM. This is one the basics of continuing life. Heroes in our own lives, families, localities and times. We have another system, and other systems in place. Cold, metal, and man developed silicon intelligence. So be it. And yet, this ¬†mothering, fathering, home, innate WISDOMING is required to be part of the whole. In our own homes, and families first are the Eros, Heroes, in service to Aphrodite, Venus, whatever name you will call this originating fierce force for life’s continuation. Wise protective, mother, No matter the amount of “Future Shock.”

Though I have not studied with her, I’d like to. Appreciating what she, and other like her, offer for our times and future.