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Draft: GOOD HEALTH, BEAUTY AND TRUTH is name of this blog. The truth is, mucus, it’s quality and qualities, holds stories, that in large part, will demonstrate to the outside world the health, beauty, and biology, of our private selves looking back at us from our mirrors each day. Mucus is the miasma, the soup, the living microcosmic, slime-bodies of our layered selves. The winds of our own breath pour over, and out of these fields of mucus. We breathe our information out toward others…we inhale information from others. Mucous is the living builder, for the sheathes of ourselves. (The Fascia body and more can be addressed as we go further into Mucin: http://youtu.be/_FtSP-tkSug )

As well as lymph, blood serum, and white blood cells…
I have been considering mucin, mucus, mucous and the human “Monkey Glands” as Yogi Bhajan call them. (As a domesticated being, I keep in mind that consciously maintaining clarity of ones own sinuses, and throat is important to maintaining excellent health.) (several generations of people have had their tonsils, and adenoids, indelicately, carved out, so that is to be considered here as well.)
Focus today is on the mucin producing glands in head and in the upper throat area. This includes the extremely under addressed health of oral mucosa, and the living tissues of gums and teeth!( Another unfolding story for our times. See MouthMatters.com )
It is said that the upper mucus glands OOZE OUT anywhere from 1-2 liters, and some say 1-2 quarts, per day!

“Mucus is by far the most abundant substance secreted by mammals, with saliva in a distant second place.”

How is the viscous mucin fluid formed in the upper human body? What is the mucin, mucous made of?
After seeing the Sophia.org explanation on cells, and unicellular glands, I had to go to my Ling book, and to Hillman’s site. Sigh…
In my search, I have to start from scratch.
Adding updates as I go:
To this end of understanding human biology mucin, and mucus, I must see what is the most updated view on cell life, on biology.

It could go deep here, but won’t. I have found the Yogis of ayurveda, and other ancient wisdoms most helpful, in their offerings of practical applications and deeper knowledge on these topics.

Instead of going there for now, we have the westerners who are stating, expounding, publishing, with many dancing around bigger truths…for decades now…
We have Ling, Pollack, Peat, Patrick, and others.
They are making their works approachable.
And here we have basics of cell life:
Hillman and Sartory

Harold Hillman and Peter Sartory (both working with light microscopy) tried to show the general public that several cellular structures (such as the ‘unit membrane’ and the ‘Golgi apparatus’) do not exist, and that several other ideas commonly presented in biology textbooks are wrong. This article contains 3 easy-to-understand movies made by Dr. Hillman, which should make their case clear.

Though not correct, on certain mucous facts, here is a lighthearted product:http://www.boogiewipes.com/booger-facts/

And tonsil stones: http://www.tonsilstones.com/

When I have ignored what I knew innately about personal space and health, I became most ill.
In years of setting aside my correct inborn, and developed intuitions, my grandmas sensibilities, and the holier ways of fine health, all to get along with extremely mucus-y domesticated “pushies” ie: pushy people,
I have had to come back to my senses, both physical and subtle. To regain health.

AND THEN THE WORD PHLEGM. phlegm (n.) Look up phlegm at Dictionary.comlate 14c., fleem “viscid mucus” (the stuff itself and also regarded as a bodily humor), from Old French fleume (13c., Modern French flegme), from Late Latin phlegma, one of the four humors of the body, from Greek phlegma “humor caused by heat,” lit “inflammation, heat,” from phlegein “to burn,” related to phlox (genitive phlogos) “flame, blaze,” from PIE *bhleg- “to shine, flash,” from root *bhel- (1) “to shine, flash, burn” (see bleach (v.)). Modern form is attested from c.1660. The “cold, moist” humor of the body, in medieval physiology, it was believed to cause apathy.

So much of real health is unattended to in the mechanistic modern ways…occluded knowledge, put away.

I swear, I’d always felt that my teeth feel that they need to breathe. This was very obvious again after a recent filling!  And in short order I can FEEL films, or plaques build on them, at various times. Then I found the sciences, research, that told of fluid reversals in teeth! That is another part of the excellent health story, that has been occluded.