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Dr Koyfman, Naturopath

Allow the body to rejuvenate! COMPLETE GUIDE TO WHOLE BODY CLEANSING -testimonials: http://www.koyfmancenter.com/testimonials.htm#chronique_fatigue

For quite some time, I have studied and practiced natural cleansing processes, from cultures of our world. I find that these are necessary for staying well in modern life. I started when the word natural still meant something! (More on my background another time.)  I have been meaning to visit Dr. Koyfman’s Center near Atlanta, Georgia for a few years now. It would be for myself, and to then, have a complete, sensible, well-guided cleansing center to refer people to!

Turns out he will be teaching in South Florida, May 2014, at Paul Nison’s Raw Foods Retreat. How Perfect is that for Floridians! Here’s the video with info links! http://youtu.be/1cio3bThNbc  After the main event, Dr. Koyfman and his staff are staying in Lake Worth, Florida to take people through his special 2-Day Natural Cleanse.

Dr. Koyfman has a whole series of books, with one book specific to each system of the body. A good book to start with though, is his overview book, “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WHOLE BODY CLEANSING.” It prepares you for his Florida visit, and for visiting the center near Atlanta, Georgia, where he offers a variety of in depth Whole Body Cleansing series. He also offers briefer cleanses to get started: http://koyfmancenter.com/1DayfullBodyDetox.htm

You can pick up a copy of his book at The Fair Trade Boutique in East Boca Raton, Florida at 64 S. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 (561) 826-8226. (I have ordered some extra copies of his book. If you know me, locally, you can contact me for one! They are $20)

“Physician” can mean”naturalist”, from the Greek word for nature. (physisphysikos knowledge of “natural”)