Lemongrass -Growing the Plant

Fragrant and generous Lemongrass! All wrapped up and ready to go home!
Pick up several. Once you get the lemongrass root home it is fairly easy to plant a couple.
If the tubular root end comes with the whole frond/leaf as these in the photo do, cut and remove the top (careful, it is sharp.) The leaf can be used to make a tea. And then you have the rest to plant.

You can set them to root in a glass jar of water beforehand. If you are in a year-round warm climate, put the bottom root part straight into the soil, and keep them watered, ’til they take hold. Keep this sweet grass growing for near future use.

Pick-Me-Yard, a blog from Florida, recommends : “The stalks are the best part for culinary use. I’ve noticed that if I stay on top of maintaining the plants and thin them out at the base, the stalks will get fat. If I neglect them while they grow, the stalks get clumpy and dense which keeps the stalks thin. I like them fat.” http://pickmeyard.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/lemongrass-the-forgotten-one/

Plant Freak in Arizona recommends : http://plantfreak.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/the-grass-with-zest-lemongrass/