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Massage which has been used in almost all the civilizations in the history, evidence of this is present in several manuscripts. According to Hippocrates (460 BC–370 BC), the father of medicine, massage, balanced diet, exercise, rest and fresh air are essential to maintain health of a person. According to Ibne Rushd, massage is a type of exercise used for removal of toxins or waste metabolites from the body. In Unani medicine, Dalak is one of the very important regimes among the procedures of Ilaj Bil-Tadbeer (Regimental therapy) for neurological and musculoskeletal disorders… Historical background of Dalak, timing, duration, its types and importance, mechanism of action, recent scientific reports and the disorders in which massage can be used have been discussed in this paper.

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“The history of Dalak (Massage) dates back to the starting of human civilization. The massage was used

principally to expel the evil spirit from the body of the patient in Babylon and Assyria. In eastern
cultures, massage has been practiced since ancient times. Massage is an oldest practice, which was
used almost all the civilization in the history and evidence of this are present in the several manuscript
which are given below…”