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Let’s the makeup games begin!

Printed makeup at home, or on small scale?! With our own printer?! Will be interesting to see! It is being promoted for young teens who have time to play, plus their parents funds to buy the printers. Some of us grown-ups will be playing  along when one comes our way! We grown-ups started with little home gadgets long ago, and never stopped.
Remember Easy Bake Ovens?! Our own “machines.” We Baked cakes, and cookies with a lightbulb! They came out in 1963!

Easy Bake oven for Kal!

father and daughter with easy bake oven http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easy-Bake_Oven

Anybody else have all those other futuristic make and create project kits? Glow-in-the dark body paints. And various Wham-o! super putties! My mother made sure we had them ALL! I Loved all the science, with results one could see, and touch.

And, there were all the other experiments I created for myself, with raw materials from nature. Ha, still do it!

In adulthood my mother still would come over to find “science experiments” in my refrigerator. Needed a lab long ago.

So, I’m in, as a consultant, or tester, on this Makeup Printer.

It’ll work. And a good number of people will try it. And of course specially gifted “Makeup printing people” will emerge. Let’s see how this one goes.