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There are critics of the blended vegetable/ fruit/ seed/ smoothie revolution. Rightly so. Dumping the whole mix down the throat, can provoke inflammatory responses in many people’s bodies. The topic is too long to go into here, but you can easily research this. There are tips for getting the most out of a blended meal in a glass.

“Drink Your Solids and Chew Your Liquids” is old fashioned advice, and it still holds true. Mark what enters your body, as your own. This is what happens when you mix food and drink with your own saliva. (Though it’s not necessarily working out so well, for many, what with the gads of ever-newly created, genetic planimals, and food in recent times. But that’s a bigger topic.) For now, we all do the best we can.

Saliva & Digestion

Not only does one’s own saliva help keep the mouth healthy, but it aids in the digestion process. It also serves as a lubricant that guides chewed food through the digestive tract.

Healthy saliva is needed to moisten the mouth, lubricate food for easier swallowing, remineralize the tooth surface, and provide the enzymes necessary to begin food breakdown in the preliminary stage of digestion. (ptyalin is one such enzyme.)

The salivary glands produce about 1.5 liters of saliva daily.

The salivary glands are controlled by the nervous system. Normally they respond by producing saliva within 2 or 3 seconds after being stimulated by the sight, smell, or taste of food. This quick response is a reflex action. In the image below, one can see where the openings of the ducts are inside of the mouth.

Parotid gland and duct that opens in through mucosa of mouth

Dr. Robert Cassar, from Hawaii, gives his helpful tips, to get the most out of the nutrients, and life energies contained in Vegan raw foods smoothies. http://drrobertcassar.com/  ————————
“Aloha all, This is an essential video to watch on how to drink your smoothie correctly so you don’t get indigestion and bloating. I like to add a crystal in the glass to help harmonize the structure for easy digestion (so don’t swallow or bite the crystal … be-careful). The Parotid glands are located on both sides of the mouth. This is what I call the salivary biological ”DNA Signature” of yourself. Remember they use saliva or any cell to check and see your ”DNA”. So this Parotid gland is going to help you digest your super-food meal efficiently. Drink well and slowly please don’t rush when you are drinking/eating high dense nutrient rich foods. The Parotid gland is activated by chewing even though your smoothie has been blended into super fine particles. Usually a 12-16 ounce smoothie can take easily 10-15 minutes to chew and swallow…”

More on chewing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastic_plant_resin