Amazing Mesentary

How is a cadaver abdomen prepared for dissection? Certain fluids stay in. Some are washed out. I mean what is washed out of small bowel, large bowel? In living people, there is talk of mucoid plaques, bio-films in bowels, and abdomens. How are these washed out analyzed? The answer is probably easy. Have just not found it yet. Have asked M.D’s and chiropractors. No clear answer yet. Teaching Professors next.

Maybe it’s rather not to be known. Or quiet profits being made from the materials and information.
And, the body does not actually die immediately. There is much needed respect for this in the more loving, kind traditions of mourning
The Living Dead: Bacteria are often credited as a major driving force for the process of decomposition but few studies cataloging the microbiome of decomposition have been published.