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BREATHE! Take an easy breath workshop or download a complimentary book

On Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and October 12, 2014 Dan Brule will hold workshops from 1-5 p.m. at UMass Dartmouth. To register, call 508-345-7574

“In four hours, I can give people enough skills to help them the rest of their lives,” BrulĂ© said. “Thursday and Friday nights, people can just come, but they need to register for the Saturday and Sunday workshops. We have to plan to make sure we have enough room and with hands-on coaching, I need to know how many assistants we need, and we’re asking for $60 for the workshop.”

For years Dan has traveled the world studying and teaching breath practices. “If you can control your breathing, you can focus,” BrulĂ© said. “When you panic, your breathing changes. People in India and China have been practicing this stuff for thousands of years, so I went there to learn more about it.”

And now, he’s coming back [to UMass this weekend] to continue his work of helping people help themselves through their breathing.

DAN TEACHES WORLDWIDE http://www.breathmastery.com

Interview, quotes, and workshop details from: “Fresh air: Dan Brule returns to his roots to coach workshops in Breathwork”


p.s There is a breath community http://bajabiosana.org/ developing in Baja Mexico too! more later on this